Finally saw Bloodrayne. Mostly because I wanted to see Kristanna Loken move after the gorgeous icons that [ profile] trancer21 created from the film.
I won't go over how bad the movie is etc...I think we all know this by now. But really, after watching Resident Evil in the past few days, I'm kind of thinking: movie adaptation of video game = iffy premise for a movie, so what d'you expect.

Anyways, the one reason to watch Bloodrayne is that Kristanna Loken is in the lead. She gets to do it all and be in most of the scenes. And that is teh absolute best eye candy you could imagine. Oh and Michelle Rodriguez is in a bunch of scenes also.
Seriously, if they do a Xena: The Next Generation, Kristanna's a shoo-in for the lead. You could totally believe that she is the daughter of Xena and Gabrielle.
more BloodRayne fan service aka Kristanna Loken )

why are interviewers so confused about whether Kristanna or Michelle would come out on top in a real fight? )
Good times. I'm so looking forward to Painkiller Jane.


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