Just saw RE: Apocalypse finally. I take back everything I said about video game adaptations. The first movie was mostly blah, but RE: Apocalypse rocked my world.

Jill Valentine is so cool. Definitely liked the gun harness over the little blue top with the short black skirt and high heels. That look totally worked for her.

Milla is so badass, she looks totally credible in the action scenes. So many good ones: when she rides through the church window on her bike, jumping off the exploding police car while chased by nemesis, running vertically down the city hall building, catching her gun before it reaches the ground and shooting down the guards, too many to list them all...She really gets to show off her stuff.

Since this was written by the same guy who did the first movie, I guess it goes to show that the director does make a big difference in how the movie comes out.

They totally set the ending up for a sequel, so now I am really looking forward to RE 3. Milla + Ali Larter + Russell Mulcahy! Can't wait.


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