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( Jun. 1st, 2007 09:29 pm)
Back when I thought that LJ was the neatest community I knew, I didn't mind the ads. After all why not let Six Apart make money for a service I valued?

Then LJ Abuse totally blew me off when I reported the porn hate post on [ profile] _southofnowhere. I was disappointed, but life went on and we got a supermod for the community.

Thanks to WFI, it's become clear that advertisers are fundamentally a bad thing because Six Apart management is willing to do anything to prevent the possibility of maybe displeasing some of them.

I'm switching to a basic account, this way I won't be contributing to the problem.
AfterEllen reports that Logo is going to start airing Curl Girls on June 18th. The show is going to be about six lesbian/bi women who spend their free time surfing, drinking, fighting and hooking up.

What an awesome concept for a reality show! It's like someone at Logo was actually trying to create a show that would make me breakdown and watch a reality show. They succeeded. Can't wait.

Apparently, there was a first Curl Girls in 2005.

As usual, you tube delivered the goods )


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