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( Jul. 6th, 2007 07:40 am)
I recently ran across a really useful and fun japanese language learning podcast.

It's particularly useful if you've already studied for awhile and are looking to refresh grammar and find out what are the words people actually use in day to day life at home, at work etc...
It does the best job of anything I've tried with explaining the logic of how people really speak and going through the nuances of the various idioms and words.

It's done great things for my ability to understand the marimite raws as well as the weather reports.

The most fun episode so far has to be the 2 parter about what to do when the bf (or gf) find suspicious text messages on your cell.

Such indispensible expressions as: "Erasing the text messages is the golden rule" and "Sure, keep two timing him/her if you want to" can be learned here and here.

And really, you never know when you'll need to understand these immortal words of advice or even impress your japanese friends with your hard earned worldliness.


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