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( Jul. 7th, 2007 09:42 pm)
My friends and I have been bemoaning how unlikely it is that Hilary will win in 2008. But it's all behind now. She can do it people!

"I have a crush on a girl named Hill,
but she's not with me she's with this guy named Bill..."

"I like your hair, the pantsuits you wear
And the shape of your derriere..."

"Let's seal the deal with a hug and a kiss,
And put a hot chick in the oval office..."

"I know you're not gay but I'm hoping for bi...lingual"

So much awesome. Taryn Southern rocks my world: the elementary school gig is cute, the glasses are hot, her fangirling about Hilary pretty much redefines lesbian chic. It's all so clever.

I heart YouTube. It is so going to change the game. Love it!


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