OMG! An episode of PKJ that doesn't suck. It started off okay, with Jane, Mo and Riley at a tattoo parlor, heading home after a night of drinking. Then it took a turn into real suspense territory, just around the time the credits came on screen. This is what I was hoping PKJ would be like all along.

The scenes following Jane waking up at the hospital, restrained, then finding out her team mates have turned against her are pretty effective, some of the best dramatic moments on the show so far. Jane is told that she killed Riley, that she's a neuro but can't be chipped. The writers keep raising the tension. Then Maureen and Jane interact like they're actually close friends. I'd missed that since the first ep.

For once everybody used their heads. It was pretty much all good until they get the neuro.

It was pretty odd how Jane gave both Connor and Riley big hugs and even patted McBride's shoulder (no hug, thank you!), but there was absolutely no touching between her and Mo at any time. It's got to be deliberate, but felt strange by contrast.

I'm just going to ignore the annoying voiceover and clumsy explanations in the last few minutes of the show. Why did these even rate screen time, I don't know. I think after we got the shot of Maureen's back wihtout the tatto and saw Jane use her credit card, we all knew she was on to the neuro. There was really no need for all the post mortem. Instead, what we needed was some rebonding time between Jane and Mo.

Fashion report: Kristanna looks mighty fine in jeans and leather jacket in this ep. In the scene at the gas station when she fills her car up then gets in the car and starts to drive, she just looks so butch. And at the same time *so* pretty. The mind boggles.
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