Dun, dun, dun...the tension's rising peoples! Our heroines are in increasing jeopardy from fuckinghanging out with the wrong kind of girls. Now there's a price on their heads!

The stats first: 3:43, with almost 30s of recap and 30s of credits at the end.
AR genius factor: 7
AR evil factor: inching up to a 6

The ep is more of the same stuff and while it still brings the funny one-liners and trashy girls who fight amongst themselves in the face of danger, it's starting to feel, dare I say it: repetitive.
LouAnne is pretty but I'm not sure she can act. You can tell the two main actresses are also having trouble staying in character, possibly because this ep had more telling than showing.
Time to bring on Mandy and Gabby!

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I know. The shortness really puts the pressure on to make the couple of minutes very special. Too many talking heads in this one, not enough LouAnne seducing and stealing.

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I thought the best part was the visual gag when LouAnne says the other girl came on to her while the video cuts to LouAnne jumping the girl from the other side of the hot tub, lol!

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I liked this one more than the second one, which I totally zoned out of. The Louanne actress is a bit hammy, but there were some funny lines in this that kept me interested. "I earned it." "You stole it" "I'm a theif. I earned it fair and square!", lol. "Okay, how long to do think we have until people start shooting at us?" Oooh, Tyler. You almost regained your dreaminess but then I saw you running like a spaz and you lost it again.

Plus, it was nice to see Margaret Cho. Hopefully this means we'll get to see some other characters next episode. I like Tyler and Daisy but I'm ready to see some others. Magaret would be a good start, but I also wanna see some Misty and Colby, and muthafucking Monique, man.

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there were some funny lines in this that kept me interested

Some good ones in there.

"That wasn't super nice." "Nice people are poor"

"You've killed plenty of people." "Well, we don't do it anymore, New Year's reservation." "resolution"

muthafucking Monique, man.

Loved that little glimpse of her. Quiet menace + too cool for her shades. Bring it on!



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