Jimmy Palmiotti, who co-created the PKJ comic, was in Monte Carlo with Kristanna to push the goods and wrote about it in his blog.

Aside from the pics, the best part was:

a French reporter asking me if I hated the show heroes as much as he did. [...]man, I wish I had that kind of passion. For the record, I don't hate Heroes…or any TV show that pushes the idea and genre of comics. Personally Just wish the creator would give more props to the origins of the material is all…but it's a fun show…and yes, Painkiller Jane could kick that little cheerleaders ass any day of the week. Would love to see that by the way…I think kristanna would pick her up by her arms and legs and just rip her in half. Wonder if she could heal from that? lol.

Whew! Good thing there's no passion there ;). Take it easy dude. And don't even think about hurting Claire!

We're actually going to see him in action since Jimmy Palmiotti wrote one of the upcoming episodes to be aired on July 13th. Can't wait to see how he wrote Jane and Mo. And the acid test is going to be...the voiceovers.
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