First off with the usual high school silliness.

The core of the story is the relationship between Chikane and Himiko. Chikane is beautiful, kind, an accomplished athlete and has an exclusive background that makes her the queen of the school. Himiko seems like an ordinary girl in comparison, but Chikane and Souma, the queen and king of the school, are both in love with her. Chikane and Himiko share a destiny as the reincarnations of the lunar and solar priestesses who must fight demons to save the earth from darkness.

The first 5 episodes are fairly standard anime fare: high school life, mecha fights and a magical battle of good vs evil. Chikane struggles with her love for the brunette in every cell of her body, like a new form of DNA coding (K <3 M), infinitely replicated, reaching deep within her. One long leg is pressed against the brunette exactly where she needs it. When Kristanna starts rubbing their bodies together, to Michelle, it’s the very definition of heaven. Plus she’s just in the right spot to suck on the blonde’s pulse point. Kristanna’s so turned on, she makes a blissful sound, half giggle, half moan that raises goose bumps on Michelle’s skin, tightening all the sensitive places in her body with a sweet ache. It makes her press herself closer to her girlfriend, as she moves with her, seeking as much contact as possible.

Mercifully, Kristanna’s fingers finally enter the brunette. She leans into Mandy's ear, pressing soft lips just below, on the sensitive skin of her neck, before whispering "because you're sweet."

Mandy's eyes half close at the sensation, as she turns towards Gabby's voice, lips parting, instinctively seeking more. A hand comes up to cup the back of her chair, unconsciously seeking to create some distance between them. Ashley sat back also, mirroring her body language, waiting in silence for the question she knew was coming.

“Why didn’t you ever call me Ashley? I tried calling you so many times but your phone wouldn’t answer and your mom wouldn’t tell me where you’d gone.” Blue eyes searched brown looking some kind of fight or something? Mandy seemed bummed.”

“No! Of course not.” Why is everyone assuming they got into a fight? “It’s just that we need to talk. Thanks Mrs Peterson,” Gabby flees the scene as soon as she walked in. She scanned the line at the counter quickly then looked towards the back of her head as warm, full lips land on hers. The brunette's arms come around Gabby, as they deepen the kiss, tongues stroking, hands slipping under fabric to reach soft skin. Neither of them is willing to do anything about it.”

“I didn’t care about any of that stuff. None of it mattered as much as knowing what was going on with you and meet your family,” Kristanna interrupts with a big grin before the other girl loses her nerve entirely. She was first attracted by Michelle’s scrappy, too cocky for her own good, sexy public persona. But she’s a total sucker for the vulnerable girl who peeks out sometimes. When Michelle is letting her softer side show like now, Kristanna just wants to pick her up, cradle her against her body and have her way with her. Repeatedly. It’s like a primal urge that comes over her to stake her claim.

Michelle is grinning back happily when steel blue eyes flash for a second before desire drives action. Kristanna rolls both of them in DH, but very happy with what we did get.

Snape finally got his moment to shine. I could tell something like this was coming after the memory we saw in HBP. The glimpses of his relationship with Dumbledore were fascinating. Alan Rickman does such a great job with racial issues (maybe it's because I'm not as familiar with the show's premise.

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