I got the game for my birthday last week. It's my current obsession. Finally got through the guitar battle with Lou at medium level via much practice on 'Knights of Cydonia' and 'Raining Blood'.

Onwards to hard. That orange button is giving me fits, but I shall prevail.

Anybody else is playing?

From: [identity profile] angharad_gov.livejournal.com

you have a wii? wow. i've been trying to find one for months. :)

and belated happy birthday!
Edited Date: 2007-12-11 04:54 am (UTC)

From: [identity profile] murasaki1200.livejournal.com

FRY's has the Wii occasionally, often on Sundays. They sell it in a bundle which makes it more expensive, but on the other hand it's all stuff you need (extra wii-mote, games etc...) and it ensures that only real people get them, not sharks who are going to rush to eBay or Amazon to resell them for a premium.

From: [identity profile] murasaki1200.livejournal.com

BTW, how did you manage to edit your reply? Is this one of these extra features you get as a permanent LJ user?

From: [identity profile] angharad_gov.livejournal.com

if you're paid or permanent, you get the edit comments feature. it's a little pencil icon and after you make a comment (but before anyone replies to it), you can edit it. if you receive copies of your comments via email, you get two of 'em -- your original comment and the edited one sent to you.


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