Author: murasaki1200
Pairing: Brittany/Santana
Rating: R
Word Count: 1260
Summary: Brittany gives Santana this *look* when they're singing 'Say A Little Prayer', like she's singing the song to her. This is what happens after the audition.
A/N: fluff alert!

Say A Little Prayer

Together, forever, that's how it must be.
To live without you
Would only mean heartbreak for me

-Diana Ross and The Supremes

When Q auditions for Glee club the day after assembly, there's no question that her second-in-command, Santana Lopez, is going to have to be there with her if she knows what's good for her. And where Santana goes, Brittany follows.

That's how the two of them found themselves singing and dancing backup while Quinn auditions for Mr Schue. Brittany smiles at her best friend while they sing, trying to catch her gaze as they switch positions behind the head cheerleader. She can tell their Spanish teacher is impressed despite his initial skepticism. By the time the song ends, he's figured out that the three Cheerios are going to change the fortunes of the Glee club at McKinley High.

Of course, coach Sylvester finds out pretty much right away, that Q has gone behind her back to join forces with the enemy. The three of them are called out to the office of doom. Brittany sits up very straight in her chair, trying her best to make herself invisible. As long as she doesn't squirm and attract attention to herself, coach is going to ignore her like usual, right? After all she was just going along to help Q out, being a good teammate, and such. Quinn can handle this. Q is good at that sort of thing. That's why she's the head cheerleader.

Brittany tunes out the drama and lets her gaze wander to the trophies on the shelf behind coach's desk. Coach can be scary when she gets angry and starts to pick on one of her Cheerios. Coach can also be hilarious when she makes fun of someone. Brittany likes to have fun. Quinn has an uncanny ability to handle Coach Sylvester and say the right thing to get her on her side. Brittany likes seeing Q do her thing.

When the three Cheerios leave Sue Sylvester's office, B hugs Quinn giddily in relief. Q is a total genius. B's so glad she's the head cheerleader. Then Brittany turns to her best friend, and she notices how Santana's expression has darkened as she's looking at the two blondes critically.

Brittany is too happy to let Santana be sad or mad though. They've just gotten lucky and escaped from Coach's office without getting punished like the time Brittany and Santana got caught making out in the girl's locker room. Coach had them on the track at 7am for two weeks to run 5 miles before school every day. Whatever. It had totally been worth it. Plus it didn't really feel like being punished when she was doing stuff with Santana.

Brittany puts both arms around Santana, lifting her off the floor in a hug, smiling sunnily to cheer her up, while she sings: 'Together, forever, that's how it must be.'
Santana rolls her eyes a little and gives the blonde a half-hearted punch in the arm to let her know she isn't going to give in that easily.
Blue eyes gaze up at her, B's smile is full of mischief and completely undeterred, as the blonde carries her, twirling and circling around the both of them towards the far end of the hallway while she keeps singing: ' To live without you... Would only mean heartbreak for me...'

Santana can't help herself. Sometimes, B's like a force of nature, a ray of sunshine lifting her spirits and getting under her skin. There's no point in trying to stay mad at her.
The corners of her lips lift imperceptibly. Sensing the shift in the latina's mood, cupid bow lips smirk saucily, and blond eyebrows waggle. Brittany stops in front of a door, opening it.
She deposits her captive inside the gym storage closet. Before closing the door, she turns back toward their friend: 'Bye Quinn, see you tomorrow'.
The hallway's empty. Quinn tries really hard to avoid being a third wheel around these two.

Brittany's puzzled. The head cheerleader has disappeared. She looks at the latina: 'You don't think that Quinn is mad...' Santana shakes her head, grabbing Brittany's hand. She shoves her inside the closet and locks the door. 'I'm sure she doesn't mind. She's meeting with Finn after school', she states with finality, playfully pushing Brittany on a pile of tumbling mats folded and stacked high on the floor.

Brittany's smile reappears. Quinn isn't mad and Santana seems to be in the mood to fool around now.

She grabs Santana by the waist, pulling her closer until the latina's on her knees, straddling her lap. Santana's smiling back at her, brown eyes watching her intently. Brittany presses her lips up to that smile, feeling the pliancy of the other girl's lips, before her tongue slips in to meet wet warmth. Hands move under the top of cheerio uniforms, caressing familiar curves gently, moving in idle patterns on silky soft skin, pushing the fabric up to uncover more skin, while tongues advance and retreat following the same unhurried pace.

After long minutes, Brittany pulls back, blue eyes locking onto shiny dark ones. She keeps tugging at the latina's top until she lifts her arms, so that Brittany can finally remove it. The bra follows. Santana grins. Brittany doesn't know her right from her left, but she's a world champion at removing bras.

Santana seems so relaxed and playful, eyes soft while she stares at the blonde's lips like she's got unfinished business with them. She looks nothing like the hard driving, status obsessed cheerio who secretly dreams of becoming the head cheerleader. This Santana is hers, and hers alone.

"You are so beautiful. I want you so much," Brittany isn't sure why she's whispering, but she can't stop to think right now, because the latina is urging her to raise her arms so she can get her naked too, which seems only fair.

In a flurry of movement, Brittany lifts Santana off her lap, pushing her back on the mat until she's lying down. She removes the latina's panties with the same dexterity she used earlier on her bra. Brittany follows the latina down, making space for herself between the brunette's knees, holding herself above the other girl so she can bring their lips together again. The brunette responds immediately to her kiss, sucking on her tongue like her life depended on it. Without breaking the kiss, Brittany brings her hand down between the two of them, the tip of her fingers brushing Santana's flat tummy on the way, until she's gently pressing at Santana's entrance. She plays with the wetness there, reacquainting herself with the soft folds, teasing the brunette like she knows Santanna likes. The latina moans and pulls ineffectually on the blonde's waist, trying to force their hips closer.

"Britt, baby, please" Santanna pleads, lifting her thigh between the blonde's legs and pressing against the warmth there to communicate her urgency.

Brittany bites her bottom lip at the contact and nods. What Santana wants, Santana gets if there's anything Brittany can do about it. She pushes two fingers inside and smiles when the latina whimpers in relief at the much needed friction. The brunette blindly seeks her lips, in search for even more contact.

Brittany pumps her fingers, slowly at first, her hips moving to meet Santana's, while her hand, trapped between the two of them keeps stimulating the brunette. She increases her speed to stay ahead of the latina's rythm, curving her fingers while the brunette is grinding into her for all she's worth. Brittany feels the pull of muscles tightening on her fingers. She keeps moving, drawing the feelings out, letting Santanna ride her orgasm.

Santana opens her eyes, dark brown orbs full of passion searing into Brittany while the smaller girl moves purposefully into her with all her considerable strength. "Britt, come on, baby". Brittany buries her face in her girlfriend's neck as she tumbles over into her release. She could never resist Santana when she's bossy.
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