Title How Santana came to like Glee
Pairing Brittany/Santana
Rating PG-13
Summary Brittany does her best planning while she's dancing. Cowboy outfit optional but highly recommended.
Spoilers Takes place after 'The Rhodes Not Taken'. No real spoilers.
Word Count: 2148
Disclaimers: I don't own Glee. blah, blah...
A/N: Over 2000 words of fluff. How did that happen?

The only reason Santana joins Glee is because of Quinn. She doesn't really have a choice. Quinn is the head cheerleader and Sue Sylvester's favorite. As long as Quinn is there, Santana will never be the head cheerleader. She's had to accept it, but she doesn't have to like it. And she sure doesn't like how Quinn orders her around like a minion. But if Santana wants to keep her number two spot in the Cheerio hierarchy, she has to bide her time until Quinn graduates.

At first, the cheerios keep themselves separate from the rest. It's not hard because the club keeps threatening to break apart every week. But then something happens when they're practicing for the Invitationals. It's kind of a joke because Rachel has been replaced by April, who's probably old enough to be her mother. But she's got a great voice, it's a great song and Mr Schue has found just the right choreography for it. Even Quinn who is in a funk from finding out about her pregnancy is caught up in the energy in the room. Her eyes are shining and her smile seems genuine for once.

Brittany is having the most fun of any of them. Mr Schue insisted they rehearse in their cowboy outfits, saying it's important to wear boots and a hat to get in the right groove for line dancing. Feet stomping, hips swaying, blonde hair flowing around her shoulders every time she spins and touches her boots, Brittany is stealing the show. It's not news to Santana that Brittany has a fabulous body. But it's like Santana's seeing this completely new person who moves with fluid grace and struts through the complex routine with an air of total confidence.

This is the moment when their group comes into its own, when their mismatched band becomes a unit that's greater than the sum of its part. They can all feel it. It's a high like nothing else they've known, and Santana is not immune.

Brittany has noticed the way her best friend is staring at her. She winks when she catches her eyes and shakes her hips with just a little more swagger.

When the song is over, it's pandemonium. Mr Schue and April are giggling like little girls. It's a bit disturbing. Mike and Matt are jumping on chairs, dancing. Finn and Puck try to imitate them but lacking their agility, they settle for high fiving each other. Quinn is laughing and squealing with Mercedes and Kurt of all people. Brittany has the widest smile Santana's ever seen. She crooks a finger at Santana and takes her hand to lead her in another round of line dancing.

After practice, Brittany comes over to Santana's house. The minute they're in the door, Santana's mom greets them in Spanish. Brittany hugs her and follows her to the kitchen while Santana goes to her room to drop off her stuff. When she comes back, Brittany is happily hand mixing cornmeal. It's the only way to do it right according to Mrs Lopez, and Brittany is listening attentively to her instructions in Spanish. It's looking like tamales are on tonight's dinner menu. Santana's noticed that Brittany never has trouble understanding Mrs Lopez' Spanish. She just seems allergic to classroom learning.

As always, Mrs Lopez is completely charmed by the blonde's enthusiasm and friendliness. Santana just hopes her mom is not going to go on another tirade about why Santana can't be more like Brittany who's always cheerful and willing to help.

After a while, Mrs Lopez shooes them out to go do their homework. They walk past the large mexican style pine dinning table where the younger Lopez kids are doing their homework before dinner. Santana being the oldest and already in high school has a small desk in her bedroom where she can work in relative quiet. There's barely any space to move around in the small cramped room, between the bed, the desk and the walls, but the girls are used to it.

They're working on their math assignment, or rather, Santana's working out the solution to the assignment, while Brittany is on the bed. She's drawing an illustration of the problem they have to solve. She likes to draw a lot more than she likes math.
As usual, this assignment is mostly about letters and numbers, so naturally she adds a few rainbows and a kitten to her drawing because 1) she likes it when people are happy and rainbows make people happy 2) Santana is cute like a fierce kitten when she's concentrating really hard on math 3) When Santana's done with their homework, because she's freakishly good at math like that, Brittany can show her the kitten which will make her smile. Brittany loves Santana's smile.

Once Brittany's done everything she can on her math drawing to make it as attractive as possible, she moves on to doodling in the margins of her Spanish vocabulary list, making little pictures so that she can remember the words better. Also, the handout is prettier that way which makes Spanish class a little easier to get through.

Santana's almost done with their homework when her cell phone buzzes to signal an incoming text. She looks at the mini lcd screen and checks the number. It's from Puck. Brittany lifts her eyes from her drawing to watch her. Santana is torn. She's not really in the mood to hang out with Puck tonight, but if she doesn't, there'll be damage control to do tomorrow. Sighing, she reaches for the cell phone, but before she knows it, Brittany has jumped off the bed and snatched it.

'Britt, give me that', Santana demands, extending a hand towards the phone. Brittany grins. She flops back on the bed, moving the phone to her other hand and holding it away.

'Make me'.

It's on. Santana pushes her chair back and climbs on the bed to go around the giggling blonde. Wrong move. Brittany stands up on the bed to her full height. Santana narrows her eyes as Brittany takes advantage of the difference in their size to keep her away while she quickly types a short message and hits the send button. Only then does Brittany sit down on the bed again and hand the cell to Santana. She's looking up at Santana with innocent eyes and a sweet smile.

Santana checks her Texts. 'Tied up. c u at school.' When Santana's done reading what Brittany sent Puck, she looks down into blue eyes awaiting her reaction.

'Why did you do that?' she asks, keeping her tone neutral, not sure whether to be amused or annoyed by Brittany pulling such a stunt, and then having the cheek to try to get away with it by using her patented puppy dog look, which the other girl knows she's a total sucker for.

'I just don't want you to go out with Puck tonight.' Brittany says.

Santana hides her surprise. Brittany hasn't tried to prevent her from going out with someone else since seventh grade when she explained to Santana that they were going to get married when they were older, so Santana shouldn't be dating anyone else.

Brittany seemed so sure. It was cute really, and Santana went along at first. But when Brittany started telling everybody, for the first time, Santana was embarrassed by her best friend.

They weren't in third grade anymore. Her mom had a talk with Brittany's mom. The next day, Brittany was very quiet when she came to school. She kept looking at Santana with sad eyes. Santana felt terrible, like she'd lost something precious she didn't even know she wanted until now. That felt way worse than being embarrassed. It took a long time for Brittany to open up to her again. When Brittany finally agreed to come over to her house again, Santana promised herself that she'd be a lot more careful with her feelings from now on.

It's been years since all of that happened, but just to be safe, Santana never uses the d word with any of the boys she goes out with. There's been a few of them. It's the one topic she and Brittany never talk about. The blonde tunes out immediately whenever the other Cheerio talks about boys, even though she seems to have accepted that Santana has other people in her life now.

Santana puts away her homework while Brittany calls her parents to let them know she's going to stay at Santana's tonight.

At dinner, they talk about the songs they're working on for Invitationals. Roberto, Santana's 8 year-old brother who is halfway in love with Brittany, begs her to show him how to line dance. So they put on some music and dance all evening. Santana can't remember when she last had this much fun.

Later, they're lying in Santana's bed. Santana's wearing a long T-shirt that falls below her knees which Brittany hand painted and gave to her. Brittany's wearing blue footed PJs with baby penguins. It's the extra extra pair which she leaves at Santana's house, along with a small black and white cow that she cuddles with when she sleeps over. Cows are special for Dutch people she told Santana once.

'Santana?' Brittany whispers, propping herself up on one side and turning to her. She keeps her voice low because the door's cracked open (Mrs Lopez' rule) and she doesn't want to wake up Santana's parents. The only light in the room is coming from a street lamp outside the window.

'Yes?' Santana whispers back.

'I figured out today that I like Glee a lot. Dancing especially. It's even better than cheerleading.'

Santana doesn't answer right away. She's not ready to admit it, but something magical happened today at rehearsal that made her happy in a way that being a cheerleader hasn't in a long time.

'While we were dancing and you kept looking at me, I really, really wanted to kiss you. Like, a lot', Brittany continues. 'And I thought that maybe you wanted to kiss me too', she adds quietly. She's still, her face reflecting the light coming from outside while Santana's in the dark.

Santana winces. She'd hoped Brittany wasn't going to bring up the inappropriate staring. An image of the blonde dancing in her cowboy outfit pops in her head and she can feel her pulse racing all over again. Yeah, she'd probably been pretty obvious.

'That made me very happy. Is that okay?' Brittany doesn't wait for an answer. She's moving closer very, very slowly, until she's right there, brushing their lips together, and it's the softest kiss Santana has ever received. Brittany's lips come back to hers again and again, giving them time to get acquainted in this new way. Brittany smells like orange blossom and fruity lip gloss. Her body, where she presses against Santana's side, feels warm, safe and familiar. This isn't like any kiss Santana's ever experienced. There's no urgency, no showing off for anybody, it's just the two of them with all the time in the world. Nothing has ever felt more right.

Santana admits to herself that she did want to kiss Brittany earlier. She's the one who deepens the kiss, pulling Brittany on top of her to get her closer. Brittany turns out to be an exceptional kisser. She sets out to explore every bit of the softness inside Santana's mouth with the same gentleness she's started out with. Santana would escalate the exchange faster but every time she tries, Brittany pulls back, refusing to relinquish control. They're only kissing, but it feels incredible, more intimate than anything she's done with Puck. Under Brittany's touch, a powerful tug of arousal builds slowly from Santana's center, filling her up with a spreading warmth. Santana's never been so turned on, and yet completely content at the same time.

Brittany can sense Santana's surrender. When they come up for air, Santana's no longer trying to take over, to escape the intimacy of Brittany's kiss and move this into something she's more familiar with. They're both content to continue just to kiss for long minutes, or maybe hours. Santana can't tell how long it has been, she only knows she's never felt so loved and safe and she never wants it to stop.

That's totally part of Brittany's master plan to get into Santana's pants and make her realize they're meant to be together. Brittany has learned a thing or two over the years about planning to get what she wants from watching Quinn and Santana. Her goals are just different.

Santana falls asleep with one of Brittany's arms wrapped around her, tucking her securely to her side like a lifesize teddy bear. That's how Mrs Lopez finds them when she wakes them up to go to school in the morning.
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From: [identity profile] abluegirl.livejournal.com

This was just the sweetest. ♥

Your Brittany is just adorable, btw. Loved this story.

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Your icon is love. I really need to get myself some Glee icons.

Glad you liked the story. Thanks for reading!

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Santana is cute like a fierce kitten when she's concentrating really hard on math - Hehehe

That's totally part of Brittany's master plan to get into Santana's pants and make her realize they're meant to be together. Brittany has learned a thing or two over the years about planning to get what she wants from Quinn and Santana. Her goals are just different. - Sweet

From: [identity profile] murasaki1200.livejournal.com

He. You know Santana's not going to some math assignment bitch get the better of her. She's just way too fabulous for that. But she *is* tiny.

Thanks for reading and letting me know you liked it!

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I just think about these two and the smutty happy gay fluff just writes itself. I exerted some self control and kept it PG-13 this time.

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I can't decide which is my favorite line. Is it : 'Santana is cute like a fierce kitten when she's concentrating really hard on math'? or 'That's totally part of Brittany's master plan to get into Santana's pants and make her realize they're meant to be together.'? Brittany, you rule and I adore you. Great story!

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Brittany's awesome like that. Thanks for reading and commenting!

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super, super cute. i really enjoyed reading this.

and this made me giggle: 2) Santana is cute like a fierce kitten when she's concentrating really hard on math

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These two have broken the old cute meter and created a whole new benchmark for cute.

Hey, thanks for reading and letting me know that you enjoyed the fic!