So even though I fall on the fluffy side of the fandom, there's plenty of angsty fics out there where the girls graduate, go to different colleges, split up bitterly etc...Because there's nothing quite as satisfying as a good angsty fic, here's one of the ones I really enjoyed, from the Spashley forum.
She reached out her hand to touch the departing shoulder, her fingers longing to once again stroke the soft skin that should by all rights have been hers forever. But suddenly she stopped, her hand falling limply from the air only centimeters from its goal. It was already too late. Ashley walked away with Spencer’s heart, her soul, her very life, leaving Spencer to choke on her own pride.  )
The only problem with posting fics on bboards is that it's a terrible way to read a finished fic. I hope some of these fics will end up in an archive somewhere.
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( May. 18th, 2006 08:30 am)
I was going to go ahead and post on my lj without a client but couldn't stand the lameness. So I'm giving LochJournal a try.

On to the rec:
We're all addicted to someting by CitizenNouveau
WIP. This story is just genius. It's got Spencer in her second year of college with a bunch of friends you'll recognize from high school. She's getting a smoke when the story starts, so right off the bat you know something went majorly wrong somewhere along the line.
And then we find out that Spence's long time lesbian roomie is...Kelly. And she's probably the best roomie in the history of college.

It just gets better from there. CitizenNouveau does a fantastic job of all the characters and the story really takes off when Ashley appears. Don't want to give away too much but the writing and relationships between the characters feel completely real. The dialogues are funny and delightfully...contemporary.
Check it out.


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