Author: Murasaki
Fandom: South of Nowhere RPF
Summary: Gabby's moved into the same complex as Mandy! A visit to IKEA is in order. Sequel of sorts to Waffles.
Warning and Disclaimers: Even though this is an RPF, the characters in this story are of course nothing like the real people whose name they share. Think of these stories as Spashley AU. No offense intended, they're straight in real life, blah, blah, blah...

Function, Affordability and Style )
Warnings etc: It's AU people, and all in good fun. They're neighbors! There must be fic. Enjoy :)

Wardrobe Privileges )
Disclaimers and Warnings: So they're neighbors now in RL. This calls for fic. RPFS, but no offense meant to anyone, couldn't be more AU as everybody involved has certified straight cred etc... Stay away if you're going to get squicked. Otherwise, enjoy :)

The first time Gabby had called to borrow something, it was on a Sunday )


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