Ski week is the best vacation of the year. The mountain is beautiful, the sun is shining, and the alpine village is friendly.

snow village under the cut )

The best part though, is that the only thing we do all day long is just have fun on the slopes. This year has been a little more challenging than usual because I foolishly decided to learn to snowboard instead of skiing as usual. After two and a half day of falling all over the place, I'm black and blue all over and can barely sit.
The only good thing about hanging around the beginner area is that we were surrounded with tiny 4 and 5 years old munchkins zipping around like pros on their skis which I never get tired of watching. So cute!

Taking an afternoon off is not all bad. The 21st century is (very) slowly making a few inroads. They now have an internet cafe where I can catch up with what's happening in the rest of the world with a little bit of mulled wine to help the pain medication along. Life is good.


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