Title: Saturday Morning in Central Park
Author: Murasaki
Fandom: Gossip Girl
Pairing: Serena/Blair
Rating: G
Disclaimer: I don’t own them.
Summary: They're adorable. Fluff must happen. Follows right after the end of episode 3 in Central Park.
Words: ~330

Serena gave Blair a wobbly smile. "I don't want to fight anymore," she said in a small voice.
"I couldn't survive another field hockey practice like the last one," she added, half-seriously.

Blair's lips curved up in a smile as she thought back on how she'd bested Serena on the hockey field.

"I kind of enjoyed having you at my mercy, for once," she mused thoughtfully. "It was a classic victory of brain over brawn," she reflected with just a touch of satisfaction, her perfect features schooled to a serene expression. "Well, if you're lucky, it'll be raining during the next practice."

She waved at the raindrops still falling outside the arcade they stood under. Now that they weren't mad at each other anymore, she supposed she should feel bad about how much she'd enjoyed beating up the blonde and frustrating her until Serena got herself kicked out of the game. She didn't.

Her sense of self preservation made her give Serena an appraising glance to see if the other girl would rise to the bait.

Suddenly Serena was looming over her, one eyebrow arched to let the brunette know she was choosing to let her get away with the mocking.

It felt almost like old times. But a year ago, Serena would have used her superior size to pay Blair back in kind for the teasing and not soon to be forgotten inappropriate use of a hockey stick. Things were still too tentative for that, so she checked her impulse and kept her hands by her side.

Instead Serena flashed a crooked grin at the brunette to dispel the tension. "I'll do a deal with you. If you go easy on me next practice, we can hang out tomorrow and do anything you want. How's that?"

Blair smiled up into twinkling blue eyes. Rocking a little back and forth, she pretended to think it through for an instant.

"Okay, deal" she agreed quickly, unable to contain her anticipation. She took both of Serena's hands in hers. She couldn't stop the delighted laughter from bubbling up, she'd missed this so much.


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