Why isn't Emma Thomson in more movies? I recently saw 'Stranger than fiction' on the plane. The premise sounded silly and made me think twice about watching it but it had Emma in it so I gave it a shot. I was reminded all over again of how adorable, smart, funny and fabulous Emma Thomson is.

The best thing about the movie was Karen and Penny. When Queen Latifah showed up as Penny Escher, Emma/Karen's novel finishing consultant (there's a job for an English major !), they worked so well on screen together, I was having fantasies of Penny/Karen slash.
Emma Thomson spends a good share of the movie wandering around in her pajamas, all angsty and overintellectualizing, trying to get over her writers' block while Queen Latifah's all butched up in her pantsuit, strong and no nonsense, yet cuddly - sort of a female version of Teal'c. I was so ready for Penny to carry Karen off and show her what the love of a good woman could do for her.

Maggie Gyllenhaal (sp?) is the cutest thing ever as Will Ferrell's IRS conscientious objector girlfriend.

Pan's Labyrinth: saw this finally, and it was absolutely awesome - dark, fantastical, violent but hopeful - in a way that Hollywood productions just can't do. I need to watch The spirit of the beehive next.

Because I said so: saw about half of this as I was interruped by the plane starting its descent. I'm putting it on the Netflix queue to watch it all with the gf. Total chick flick but it's upbeat and funny. It has Diane Keaton in the overprotective, often annoying but quirky and lovable mom role she does so well. Mandy Moore is all kinds of adorable in this. She surprised me by how good a job she did as the youngest daughter who keeps going out with the wrong men. She manages to date and sleep with two men at the same time without coming off as a player or a slut. The plot is not any big mystery but the eye candy factor is considerable because it also has the Gilmore Girls' mom and Piper Perabo. The movie's all around feel good even if I was surprised at how underused Piper Perabo esp. is.

How could I forget to talk about Dhoom:2? Sure, it's a knock-off of just about every silly action movie from the past 10 years and a few which actually took themselves seriously like MI:2, but it is total hoot. First there's the amazing eye candy - for a refresher check [livejournal.com profile] trancer21's pic spam.
Seriously, I had no idea. Mr A and Aishwarya Rai are incredible. Plus they sing *and* dance. The action sequences are more DEBS or Charlie's Angels-like than The Matrix, but hey, it's good fun and a minimal load on the brain. Definitely worth adding to the Netflix queue esp. if you haven't seen a Bollywod movie before.


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